Promfin Foundation is an investment fund that assures financing to companies developing projects in the following domains:

Power plants, Sustainable projects, Wood Processing Plants, Agriculture projects,  Metallurgical plants, Pharmaceutical plants, Real estate projects.
We are investing in innovative companies working in the sector of development and erection of facilities related to our priority areas of interest, which are supervised by professional and extremely motivated teams.

Normally in dependence of the proposed project Promfin Foundation finance projects from 27 million Euro. The huge expertise of Promfin Foundation leadership supports the business evolution by assisting recruit adequate staff and leadership, to expand collaborations, improve the company strategy and assortment of production, and raise further bank, subsidy or venture funding. We work with the company to support it in proceeding to the next stage of development.

Promfin Foundation is specialized in funding projects like developments of fossil-fuel and gas turbines power plants, landfills, waste treatment plants, wood processing plants (sawmills and wood pellet plants), agriculture projects (greenhouse horticulture, animal husbandry and food processing plants), Metallurgical plants, Pharmaceutical plants, baby food production plants, real estate sector and others. Promfin Foundation formed a collaboration with several international financial institutions with 30 years of expertise in the domain of capital placement for the implementation of priority projects.

Promfin Foundation is currently financing projects for a better, cleaner and more sustainable future as we are responsible for our environment. Investment projects are feasible only with a perfect management and starting with this point the project leaders can receive adequate package and present to the sources of financing and investment capital. Our objective is to assure the success in development of investment of projects in priority areas of interest worldwide.

Having in mind the potentials of Eurasia and Russian Federation in the area of wood processing, Promfin Foundation extended its area of financing to Wood processing industry by providing investment loans for development and growth of existing production companies and entrepreneurs engaged in primary wood processing. This Wood processing financing is aimed to stimulate investments in modernization of production, development of new production capacities, utilization of wood resources and introducing new technologies.

Promfin Foundation will provide financing for the initial project development costs of a broad range of agriculture infrastructure projects spanning the entire value chain – from production to market. These can emanate from the private or public sector and from local or international businesses. The types of projects envisioned range from Greenhouse Horticulture, Cattle breeding, Pig farming and Goat breeding. The emphasis will be on projects that contribute to food security and support to landowners/farmers.


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