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Agriculture Projects Financing

Promfin Foundation will provide financing for the initial project development costs of a broad range of agriculture infrastructure projects spanning the entire value chain – from production to market.

These can emanate from the private or public sector and from local or international businesses.

The types of projects envisioned range from Greenhouse Horticulture, Cattle breeding, Pig farming and Goat breeding. The emphasis will be on projects that contribute to food security and support to landowners/farmers.
Promfin Foundation can provide support the following, but not limited to:

  • An environmental/hydrological study for an irrigation system or a greenhouse that would support farmers’ horticulture production. 
  • A feasibility study which will review all project inputs and will determine the overall reliability and feasibility of the project.
  • A marketing plan for an agro-processing facility supported by a nucleus farm and corresponding out-grower scheme, which will create stronger market linkages for landowners/farmers. This would include crops, livestock and food processing facilities.
  • Financial plan for expanding/establishing a Greenhouse / Animal husbandry / Food processing facility – processing operation focused on landowners/farmers that produce high-quality products for the domestic and foreign market.
  • An engineering study for the construction of an extraction and refining center, which would provide inputs and training to allow new landowners/farmers to enter the supply chain.
Strategic Objectives:

  • Scale up innovative and commercially sustainable business ideas that have the potential to positively impact the incomes of rural households. 
  • Drive improvements in the way that market systems work, thereby facilitating market entry for rural poor households and start-up businesses.
  • Stimulate the development and use of affordable and accessible technologies for the benefit of rural poor households and start-up businesses.
  • Increase the volume of private sector financing by leveraging our funds to share risk and catalyze private sector investment .

Areas of Investment

The Promfin Foundation targets investments in the following agriculture sectors:



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