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Animal Husbandry Financing

Animal husbandry financing: Cattle breeding, Pig farming and Goat breeding

Promfin Foundation is operational worldwide with focus on specific countries and provides finance to Animal husbandry operations.
Why use our services?

  • Financing structure offers competitive interest rates and securities
  • The structure is flexible – if excess funds are paid into a term financing, the balance would be available to withdraw at any time
  • Competitive offering – should a client choose to settle a hire purchase agreement earlier than the original term, this would be allowed at no penalty interest
  • Pre-approvals are concluded before the season starts
  • No non-utilisation fees are charged
  • Competitive Financing application turnaround times .
Our product range and high levels of service and execution excellence will assure:

  • Flexibility to accommodate your specific requirements
  • Competitiveness in terms of costs through our one-stop strategy
  • Continuous effort to satisfy your needs through the provision of tailor-made solutions
  • Enhancement of your business through our extensive range of value adding product and service offerings
  • A dedicated team of specialists in their various fields that subscribe to the values of integrity, passion, accountability, respect, team work, innovation and service excellence as a way of doing business .
Animal husbandry and Agriculture are dependent on many variables including climatic changes, changes in demand for products or changes in supply of products, and these changes normally require the stakeholder to change in order to survive. Understanding the relationship between the seasonality of Animal breeding and agricultural cycles and Financing is vital and we have this knowledge.

Promfin Foundation prides itself on being the leading provider of tailor-made Animal husbandry financing. As an important player Promfin Foundation understands this industry and the financial requirements of animal breeders.
Promfin Foundation offers to animal breeders a competitive and economical finance structure, with services that are easy to understand, transparently administered and accurate. This offering has been expanded to include convenient access to funding.

Promfin Foundation clients benefit from the knowledge, innovation and commitment of a financial market leader that is specifically focused on the welfare of its clients.

Please find below the details of the financing program for Animal husbandry (Cattle breeding, Pig farming and Goat breeding)


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