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For Preliminary qualifying of the Projects with amount above 27 mln. Euro.

In order to have a better result please fill the following form with as much as possible full info. It is important and will help us to support you in the needed funding for your project.

Here can Register the Brokers And Debtors Representatives. All communication carried out through Broker / Representative if applicable.

Prior to any creditor / debtor contact will be carried out a Non-disclosure agreement as all the data is confidential.
In order to fill the Preliminary application form, please access the following web-page:

After analysis we will immediately answer you to consider your project.

Note: Promfin Foundation confirms that the provided information is confidential and can be used only for internal analysis until NDA signing.


Phone: +1 917 33 69 204



Horsfords Business Centre, Charlestown, Nevis