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Financing Structures

Promfin Foundation owns and cooperates with consulting companies specialized on development investment projects for potential and competent developers.

We are waiting to start the work with your company to arrange all the steps of your proposition for the investment needs you demand.

We are competent to support in arrangement and presentation of your file to Promfin Foundation Board of Directors and our sources of financing with a methodology to potentiate their approbation. For investment projects the start-up companies can have the issue to place liens, equity or loans and it is important to know it. In some cases, the risk component can be high for the depositor due to the developer’s modest experience.

Often the management of a Start-up company have good professional preparation, which is a priority.
Financing structures for funding investment projects can be as follows:

  • 100% DEBT. The creditor doesn’t have any equity. The interest is established between 6% – 9% and the investment amortization is 10 – 18 years. It is established the grace period for the first 2 years from the moment of granting of financing that give beneficiary sufficient time to obtain financial sustainability. After this grace period monthly rates and interest will be calculated.
  • 100% Debt and Equity. For 100% DEBT only program are not suitable all the schemes. Our financing sources propose this conjunction of debt and equity to admit minimum sponsor’s investment. It is known that for developers in the scenarios majority there aren’t available big investment amounts. The average value of equity to debt proportion is ordinarily around 30% equity to 70% debt. Frequently the Tax incentives are used as equity.
  • Cash – You needn’t it. In case you have certain cash amount, even if it’s not considerable, you can input it into the project in order to consolidate essentially your investment request. The majority of developers want to have internal levers to save capital


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