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Greenhouse Horticulture Financing

Many growers need a year round greenhouse but struggle to finance the full project upfront. Below are several financing options. Options depend on what of grower you are — whether a commercial greenhouse grower, school greenhouse grower, or part of a non-profit organization.

Promfin Foundation take great pride in providing you a dedicated financing division specializing in the greenhouse industry. Our financiers dedicated to this industry have worked almost exclusively with greenhouse growers throughout their careers and have a solid experience. With our experience and breadth of knowledge, we often prove to be an excellent industry resource and trusted financial provider for our customers.

Promfin Foundation can begin developing a plan to help meet the financial needs of your greenhouse business. We work hard to ensure our first handshake is only the beginning of a long-term relationship.
New commercial greenhouses financing
New greenhouses can be financed with business financing, similar to other types of businesses. In fact, certain types of greenhouses (metal structures) are often considered equipment and easier to finance. If interested in financing your commercial greenhouse, please contact us. We evaluate your project and provide you the right solution for you.

Greenhouse Construction financing
Our expertise enables us to customize financing to support new greenhouse construction to further your success. We understand the rising costs of construction and the impact of repayment on your cash flow. We also understand the effect of seasonality on your repayment terms and the efficiencies and increased sales opportunities gained from new construction. Our goal is to provide a financing solution that works best for your business.

Greenhouse Equipment Financing and Leasing
Our depth of experience allows us to custom-tailor financing solutions that best fits the needs of your business. We can help you finance just about any kind of specialized Greenhouse equipment, including transplanters, pot fillers, bench systems, watering booms, ECHOS and rolling stock.
Please find below the details of the financing program for Greenhouse Horticulture.


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