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Investment Strategy

Promfin Foundation provide funding to following companies:

  • Innovative and in byproduct class, and have a strong and dedicated team, which handle an essential worldwide Market Opportunity and where we can make a difference. 
  • Innovative: We look for companies that develop innovatory projects. Notwithstanding “novelty” comes in many shapes, we seek companies that have it in one way or another. At the very least, we expect a new metamorphose on an existing idea. Occasionally we may find a dramatic representation of a well-known product, service or business structure, or a revolutionary new concept.
  • Technology-Driven: We seek companies wherever the technology is essential to the business assignment, or from the reason that the company merchandize technology products and services, either the company apply technology as essential enabler of its practice.
  • We look for young companies. We take into consideration also companies at an early stage of development of their own investment projects.
  • Essential Worldwide Market Opportunity: We are keen to products or services that correspond to the of large markets demands. For achieving high return of PROMFIN FOUNDATION investment, a company must merchandise of more than 100M Euro. We anticipate our portfolio companies to become market key player within 4-6 years.

We Make a Difference: We desire that our financing and competence to make a difference to companies. We seek condition when strategic use of € 0,5 – 2 M and the solid business council will give the company an substantial contribution, such as team accomplishing and approaching significant markets. We will provide training to starters and will exclude them from mantraps.



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Horsfords Business Centre, Charlestown, Nevis