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Metallurgical Plants Financing

You can rely on Promfin Foundation to work with you to provide the optimum financing solution for your business. Whether you are looking to finance any kind of equipment related to metallurgy or your entire metallurgical plant – solutions exist for new installations and even refinancing of your current plant.
You can work with a team that truly understands your business and industry.
Our Metallurgical Finance Solutions include:

  • Metallurgical plants financing 
  • Metallurgical equipment Financing
  • Metallurgical Project Financing
  • Metallurgical Leasing Opportunities .
Our dedicated financial and technical team have significant experience in the financing, development, metallurgy, or infrastructure projects planning, Promfin Foundation has assembled a team that has experience dealing with each of these issues.

Promfin Foundation have extensive experience with the metallurgy industry. Our experience with the metallurgical industry is international in scope, and our financiers have provided a wide range of services to metallurgical companies in a variety of jurisdictions. Furthermore, our financiers have a keen understanding of the global marketplace, as well as an intimate knowledge of local and international financing pertaining to the metalworking industry. We provide all forms of financing support that metallurgical enterprises need to remain profitable and competitive in the global marketplace.

Our multidisciplinary focus allows us to bring relevant experience from other industries and practice areas to the metallurgical industry. For example, we also maintain a focus on the mining industry and as such are able to provide financial support and advice from another standpoint. 

Additionally, our fund provides extra services, including corporate finance, corporate restructuring, and corporate governance support.

We are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive support and work with professional consultants to devise superlative financial strategies and schemes.

Promfin Foundation also supports you with tailor-made financing plans. Over recent years, we have gained an excellent reputation among international financial institutions as a reliable and highly skilled business partner.

The experienced team of financial consultants assembles attractive multi-sourcing financing schemes based on export credit agency cover, long-term financing periods, and attractive interest rate levels based on fixed or floating interest rates. Usually, financing is available in EUR but can be discussed other currencies such as USD on request.

The financing process starts with the first negotiation rounds and ends with project finalization. It includes consulting, structuring, arranging, and coordination for dealing with the fund programs and accessing instruments from potential lending financial institution, applications to the fund that also interact with international financial institutions, assistance with handling and reviewing loan agreements, plus discussion of financial models. It is crucial for this kind of project financing that you can rely on a well-trained team of financing specialists as well as an effective network of contacts with international financial institutions.
Studies for your solutions

We made available updated solutions in the metallurgical domain, such as:

  • Feasibility studies for new process lines 
  • Planning and supply of complete plants
  • Studies, plant logistics, process modeling
  • Product optimization programs
  • Environmental studies
  • Maintenance planning
  • Commissioning planning
  • Consulting
  • Financial and comparative studies
Our metallurgical associates have extensive experience in the extractive metallurgy of gold, base metals and minerals as well as many of the refining techniques applied through the process stream. Our holding experience extends into process design and development, control instrumentation, laboratory research and management as well as evaluation of deposit metallurgy, project feasibility, financing and development.


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