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Pharmaceutical plants and
baby food production financing

There are many pharmaceutical and baby food producers that have limited investment capabilities and therefore cannot expand or develop their business.

As for the largest companies, only some of them have brand recognition, and are engaged in research and development capabilities. There are also many specialists that are interested to build their own production of pharmaceutical and baby food products.

We trust that Pharmaceutical financing is for you

In order to be a recognized and known pharmaceutical producer, the companies must be comprised of several departments and to own hi-quality pharmaceutical and baby food production equipment – all of which can be very difficult to obtain for the small and medium enterprises. Having the means to finance all these can be hard if a company lacks the capital. It would also be very challenging to apply for a loan due to the lack of adequate collaterals. To solve this problem, the best approach is to do a pharmaceutical loan/financing through Promfin Foundation.
Steps to receive a Pharmaceutical loan/financing

If you are a pharmaceutical producer or intend to create your own pharmaceutical plant, Promfin Foundation is your solution in the means of financing. It is very easy to obtain a loan/financing at PRPromfin Foundation by the following our financing procedure.

Please let us know your requirements and we will get back to you with a detailed report and steps to be done. You will be requested to provide all the required business registration documents for verification by our financial officers and just await approval of your financing.


Promfin Foundation is a leading Non-Banking Financial Institutions and specializes in financing any size of Enterprises with a wide range of financing solution for the pharmaceutical and baby food production plants.

There are many reasons why we are most preferred finance provider to most pharmaceutical entrepreneurs:

  • We require minimum number of documents for processing to apply for financing.
  • Fast turnaround in processing financing requests.
  • Offers unsecured financing with no need of collaterals.
  • We offer financing to purchase both imported and local machines.

The following are the benefits of choosing Promfin Foundation to provide pharmaceutical financing:

  • Minimum and easy documentation. 
  • Quick processing of the financing request.
  • Collateral free financing.
  • Dedicated facilities for European and imported equipments.
We have the expertise needed to help you keep pace with the developments in this fast-evolving pharmaceutical industry.

Our team of pharmaceutical financing specialists are driven to add value to your business through focus, innovation and sharing.

Whether you are involved with pharmaceutical and baby food production – for local or global markets, what you get is a potent mixture of industry understanding backed by working capital facilities and special financing programs customized for you.

Working Capital financing

  • Working capital as cash-credit facility (with charge on current assets)
  • Facility for a period of 12-36 months
  • Fixed interest rate.
  • Flexibility of paying a minimum amount every month.
Working Capital Demand financing

This type of financial product can be offered from 50% to 80% of the overall Working Capital limit with a special pricing and 100% utilization over the term of the Demand loan/financing. This is a unique product and offers considerable cost saving.


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