Real Estate Projects Financing

Our Real Estate finance team offers the largest dedicated real estate platform of any financier in Europe, Russian Federation and our expertise extends across the globe.

We tap into the vast resources and expertise within Promfin Foundation to provide seamless access to specialist areas within the organization and across the globe.

This facilitates the professional delivery of flexible and comprehensive funding solutions positioning our clients at the forefront of their real estate-related initiatives. With an established record of accomplishment, our services have been extended to several countries worldwide. Our footprint in Europe, Russian Federation and on-the-ground expertise means that we can structure solutions for clients in various organizations, industries and countries.


We provide term and development funding in all areas of the real estate sector through a variety of solutions specific to the needs of our clients, including:

  • Commercial, industrial and retail developers and investors
  • Single asset transactions and portfolio lends
  • Residential development and term funding for rental stock (including affordable housing)
  • Owner-occupied properties and portfolios.
  • Hotel industry financing .

Our strategy is to establish long-term collaboration with key players in the Real Estate industry worldwide.

Based on deep understanding of the property market opportunities combined with deep product expertise seek to develop the most appropriate financing solutions to Clients across the key assets classes i.e. office retail, industrial and residential.
Our current financing solutions include:

  • Development financing
  • Medium term customized financing typically used to fund completed assets or portfolios
  • Owner-occupied project financing to fund corporates that own their premises.
Our property team is part of Corporate & Investment Financing department, enabling seamless access to other specialist financing areas to deliver the most appropriate financing solutions for our clients.

Our Real Estate Financing team has a varied range of expertise in the most complex financing structures. We work efficiently to secure conventional financing for an impressive roster of lenders and borrowers and to structure innovative and complex credit facilities.

We work with the leading financial institutions worldwide to enhance their offering to clients and help them deliver real estate financing solutions quickly and efficiently. We know how competitive the financing market can be for lenders and we strive to work as an extension of the lenders’ team to enable them to outperform their competition.
When acting for borrowers, we know the market and can advise our clients on the terms that can be reasonably expected in respect of various types of financing products. We deliver insights to concentrate on the essence of often-complex loan documentation and ensure rapid execution focused on what matters.

We work with a number of financing products to allow clients to structure risk and obtain the appropriate product for their situation, from collateral loans to high leverage financing or mezzanine debt. We are also versed in the leading financial tools used by borrowers to minimize their costs and manage interest rate fluctuation risk through fixed or floating rate financing or other derivatives.

Promfin Foundation financiers work to simplify matters by using their expertise to streamline the negotiation of financing and security documentation and ensure that clients can access sources of real estate financing expeditiously and at a reasonable cost.

Our Clients

We are focused on working with real estate investors and developers; financial institutions and lenders; real estate investment trusts; real estate investment funds and institutional investors; private equity funds and sponsors; insurance companies; office and retail landlords; major tenants; builders, owners and managers of hospitality properties; and developers of commercial, multi-residential, mixed-use, industrial and office properties.

We are passionate about investing in the future. We encourage start-up companies, whether as owners, investors, operators or developers, and we also work with existing investors and development companies.
Our Expertise

  • Real estate financing and secured lending 
  • Term financing facilities
  • Fixed and floating rate financing
  • Construction, project & structured financing
  • Securitization & commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) financing
  • Cross-border and multi-jurisdictional financing
  • Loan assumptions and assignments
  • Inter-lender agreements and direct agreements .


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