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Wind Farms

Promfin Foundation finance development of wind farm energy projects which concern creation of turbine farms. In the end are obtained additional work positions and income sources to rural land proprietors which are additional advantage to local economy. A huge advantage is that this energy is generated without consuming natural resources, provoking contamination or creating noxious residues.

The atmosphere creates wind every day and this energy source is free. To grab and economically convert it into electrical power to the grid or local use is the task at hand for developers. At this stage we are entering in the collaboration.

Financing development of wind energy farm projects for power distribution into the electrical network is our most prevalent investment request. Developers ordinarily send us their well-prepared business plan and “closer to realization” stage. Strong summaries and financial status are obvious components of a successful application for investment. Ordinarily, the authorizations are ready or almost in force and power acquisition agreements are in coordination stage. Investment providers demand the latest technologies, BBB credit rated intermediaries of acquisition, Engineering&Procurement&Construction companies and credit grade Operations&Management providers.

At Promfin Foundation, options for development of wind farm energy projects include financing models that can comprise debt and or equity. We are able to ensure up to 100% debt capitalization which is accessible for appropriate business types. Other variants can comprise up to 100% loan to cost/value by using debt in conjunction with equity. A typical correlation of debt to equity is 75/25 but may differ according to the opportunity. The development projects of Wind energy farm demand financing and funding. It is not so terrifying if you empower this challenge to be solved by the appropriate professional consultant. Purchasing or developing turbine farms may be accomplished with 100% debt and/or equity as previously mentioned. This signifies minimal investment demands from the developers. On the programs with 100% debt only, payment grace periods for up to about 3 years admit your cash flow settling before servicing the debt.

Some creditor/depositors don’t claim the securitization or mortgage of physical assets for loan destinations. The programs with 100% debt permit to the sponsors to hold all of the equity among themselves. Even the tax credits are actually held down by the developers on these programs. The schedules of payment amortization reaching 20 years allow some settled cash flow opportunities.

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