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Sawmill Plants Financing

Promfin Foundation finance projects of sawmill plants which concern projects of any type of processing like obtaining of:

timber/beams, engineered wood, plywood, oriented strand board, wood pellets etc., which are suppose the complex system of mechanisms starting with harvesting, transportation, processing and ending with ready final products. 

The main objective of these facilities is to turn wood into reusable materials and make our life easier and more comfortable.

For us, the financing of sawmill plants comprise funding technologies that can involve debt and / or equity injection. We are able to ensure up to 100% debt capitalization which is accessible for appropriate business types. Other variants can comprise up to 100% loan to cost/value by using debt in conjunction with equity infusion. A typical correlation of debt to equity can be 90% / 10% but may differ according to the project type. The first important project demands for financing sawmill plants is clearly to obtain the land. It is not so terrifying if you empower this challenge to be solved by the appropriate professional consultant.

The developing of sawmill plants may be accomplished with 100% debt and/or equity as previously mentioned having a seriously prepared business plan. This signifies minimal investment demands from the financiers and developers. In the programs with 100% debt only, payment grace periods for up to about 3 years admit your cash flow settling before servicing the debt is demanded. Some creditor/depositors don’t claim the securitization or mortgage of physical assets for loan destinations. The programs with 100% debt permit to the sponsors to hold all of the equity among themselves.
Promfin Foundation provide the necessary financing to sawmill plants. These plants would have maximum benefit from wood as it is accessible raw material in large quantities and on continuous basis.

For a preliminary financing qualification of your sawmill plant, click here.


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