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Fossil-Fuel and Gas Turbine Power Plants

Fossil-fuel and gas turbine power plants for generating electricity are used for a long time, particularly since 1939. In present the gas turbines are the most commonly used power generating technologies.

Gas turbines are a kind of combustion engine in which is burned air-fuel blend that conduct to production of hot gases which spin the turbine, the turbine then produce energy.

The name of gas turbines is because of the production of hot gas during fuel combustion, and not the used fuel in the turbine. Gas turbines may use a various types of fuels, including natural gas, associated petroleum gas, fuel oils (kerosene, diesel), and synthetic fuels. The combustion of fuel take place unceasingly in gas turbines, as compared with to reciprocating engines, where the combustion of fuel take place discontinuously.

Promfin Foundation provide the necessary funding for fossil-fuel and gas turbines power plant developments. On the electro-energetical market the gas turbine equipment is quite common. In gas turbine power plants of highest quality the main advantages are high susceptibility to load variations, the use of several fuels types without affecting the operation of the turbine, the practical absence of vibrations, excellent environmental performances, minimum financial expenses and time required for technical maintenance.

On the power plant using heat exchangers is obtained the heat, this process is called cogeneration. The amount of heat depends on the type and capacity of the power station. Gas turbine units produce much more heat energy than the reciprocating power station and microturbines. The difference in the amounts of generated thermal energy is up to 50%.

The most important thing is that the hot water resulted from the process is used for heating or for alternative processes. By funding gas turbine unit developments we support to invest in gas turbine power as a sustainable, environment friendly source. We believe that is possible to make a collective effort to make the world cleaner.

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